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    Sunday, November 11, 2007

    so, we had chilli crabs at newton for two consecutive saturdays. last night, must thank aypah for belanja-ing us. but of course, it's either dinner on her or she has to wax and mandi swifty in and out. her choice. so she chose to fill us up hoping we shut up about the other night (the 3 saturday night ago). muahahahahahaaa...

    congrats to my "other relative" in multiply who happens to be my best friend's sister. ouh boy now she's married liaow. so i wish both of you much much happiness!

    im wondering what's mum cooking...macam ada bau sambal ajer (heaven!)....

    and my alang's beautiful cat, Dewi dah meninggal dunia. kesian Dewi. cause of death? unknown kot? ntah lah...then just now my sister practically called up the whole family asking for cangkul and at the same time announcing the death of the cat. kesian right. by now, i think Dewi has been buried liaow.

    daddy and nephew are watching smokin aces. and my nephew being an "innocent" boy he is, he's always giving out comments like aiyoh have the eff word. then i almost switched it off but then i thought, ok ok might as well give him an education on the gangster life and how they commute with each other. yah yah im the coolest aunty i know.

    and last night, we found douglas o at le baroque. and he rawks. and im planning to book the cosy 2nd floor for my bday next year. too early to plan lah but then again maybe not. i'd rather have it in a chalet or some private house. and then i could ask ahtam take off on that day could spin some trippy tracks for me. and then it'll be just our own private party. then i'll fill up the jacuzzi and my guests are welcome to berendam there with their jeans or dresses. yelah tu...

    eh my mum's cooking nasi lemak lah!!! sapa nak? meh datang tamp st 21.

    milo godzilla nak datang rumah?

    @ 12:52 PM