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    Monday, April 30, 2007

    eh i forgot to boast.
    bkoz this is my blog. it is where i boast and action action right. besides the normal bitchings and yada yadi yadu.
    i mean, look at xiaxue or xiaopentan. i mean, i received something which is way much better than a nose job. a plastic surgery only get you so far.

    but this. it gives me this triumph feeling back when the last time i had it was so long ago. it feels so much better than the goals i scored for our netball team during the poly days. but then again, nothing can beat bringing home a BMW. coupe some more. ouh well, i'm not lucky enuff these days i guess. (besides being lucky to meet my adorable lifetime).

    not having the lady luck by my side much nowadays only means one thing. and that is to work fucking hard. even if it means i have to work more than 10hrs a day. and naturally, bosses will just be bosses. they see you work late. they see you managing double and sometimes, even triple of your workload. then they think. think. and think. is she worth the raise?

    and voila!

    i just got mine.

    i might just be elya@elyosea.com.sg in the time being.

    elyaelyo. im loving it.

    for now.

    @ 12:40 AM

    Sunday, April 29, 2007
    i nak PSP
    i nak PSP merah jambu
    bkoz it is very jambu like me
    i nak PSP
    i nak PSP merah jambu
    i nak PSP pink
    i nak i nak I NAKKKKKKKKK!!!!

    and somebody pls. ban whistles from mediacorp recording studios. irritants. siaow. why must be very shrilly.

    and Benji, come on now dance for me.

    speaking of dancing, i miss dancing till my partner n i sweat all over.
    so now, give me some missy.

    @ 10:11 PM

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    my dreams nowadays have been so far....weird.
    a pink PSP with 1gb MMC and 2 games for only $200+??
    a huge increase in my payslip?
    brother tango-ing?
    i dont know.
    but if only that pink PSP is a real like totally real deal, damn sweet lah!
    and my hammies are lovely. they are turning to black from pink. i bet the bulus gonna grow anytime soon. and passerby honey, my hamsters just sayang their hammies too much i guess dats why they havent got any appetite to makan them.

    and i think a stranger returning back my oh-so-valuable wallet is an example of good karma and not just by pure luck. u just have to be a good kick-ass samaritan when the time comes and tadaaaaaaaa! it pays off. i love good karma.

    i had this hugeeee craving for aglio olio olio aglio but decided to settle for crunchie instead, which has yet to be eaten.

    i wish singapore idol has live orchestra and back-up singers then maybe i would try my to make the best noise.

    tick tock.
    consistency is so important.
    tick tock.
    consistency in everything.
    from billings, to monthly report, to cash recons, to friendships, to relationships.
    but sometimes, just sometimes when things start to reach the comfortable level, it always tends to get a little too comfortable. and then that's when i wish elyo would suddenly fly me to france for 6 months. not to fuck around. but to at least create a little impact and that pure missing feeling wherever it suits.
    i do not like this.

    Rinai tawamu sentiasa di benak ku
    seperti kau sentiasa dengan ku
    ke sini lah dan larut di pelukku

    @ 10:30 PM

    Sunday, April 22, 2007
    i was checking on miu miu and qiu qiu the moment i woke up and i saw a wriggling thing which i first thought was a baby cockroach and i was like wtf are you doing in there? or so i thought. until i brought the cage to real light, i went eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkk!

    my bf and i have just become proud grandparents of 5 hammies!

    miu miu are just sooo over protective of his little ones while qiu qiu just decided to releks and lepak one corner.


    @ 8:13 PM

    Saturday, April 21, 2007
    so, netball today rocks. at least my legs are not that kejung like last week. but i think i sprained my ankle. and i almost fall onto the opponent's WD. sedap you i "terpukul" telinga dia gitu. eh really accidental lah. :) then dapat tolak2 dia dari belakang. stress kerja sumer hilang. gerek betul lah main netball.

    i know im supposed to be sleeping already since tmrw im off to JB with bf and his friends. but i just want to remind the world again that i adore him. he's down with fever + flu + apa2 lagi yg sewaktu dengannya. rest well honey. and get well soon ok! i know ur a good boy and u eat ur medicines consistently without being reminded so expect a reward from me soon u good boy u.

    and aydah actually made loads of friends within two weeks. woww! beli nombor lah besok!

    and happy birthday again nanipop! really glad you love the surprise. all thanks to abg kamal! cannot wait for monday lor. if only there's a runway for me, i promise you'll be the proudest fashion designer on that day! wahaha. but dats not possible right. and i cant possibly go a step further in size 38 shoes without tripping. oh well. all i have to do to earn a free dinner is just be pretty for 5 mins! yayy!

    i love my bff.
    i love our netball team. (even if we suck big time. even if i played street soccer on a netball court)
    saving the best for the last, i love Md Farid. for being a sweetheart. for being my best friend. for being one of the bff. for being totally himself.

    and dats sooper hot!

    @ 12:58 AM

    Wednesday, April 18, 2007
    I love i love i love God's every little creations. That is why im loving central on wednesdays at 2200hrs. The documentary always get me teary looking at the food chains and the wonderful migration of the animals and the grand canyon and rivers and water falls. haiz...i love i love i love.

    And dian, i finally found my total perfect bra. With no instilled push ups, my perfect bra fits me perfectly and never complain supporting me. I love my perfect bra. My perfect man. My ahbwee.

    @ 10:49 PM

    Saturday, April 14, 2007
    last week around this time today, my bro got married. aypah got engaged (surprisingly with elfy :p). qiu qiu and miu miu got irritated with me bkoz i didnt get to say hi to them often.

    and last night's netball game made my legs wobly and i had to walk with perfecly straight legs. nanti orang ingat aku nak step bontot jek. sakit siul kaki gua.

    and ive seen a few profiles with just girls in their list. like an art gallery. losers.

    and im keeping my mouth shut about so many things nowadays. it sucks swallowing. it sucks not having my thots heard. but it just have to be that way. and im usually quite an extrovert so this is quite a chore for me. i dont want people to think of me as the petty, whiny one. so i'll just shut up. have i told you it sucks to shut up?

    i'll just go back writing in my secret diary for awhile now.

    but before i do, congrats again to aypah for becoming his half-halally. u guys made the journey halfway now so its another half to go. 2009 it is insyaAllah.

    to my cousins, aunties and uncles, stop asking me when my date will be can. you want fast fast, then you all have to sponsor both me and him can? if cannot sponsor, then pls stop the questions!!!!

    congrats to my abg cik for becoming the husband of a beautiful wife (i know he doesnt know i have a blog but so what rite). Alhamdulillah you made it finally. despite sometimes u have asked me to tell her u were sleeping but instead u went out fishing. but its ok its alrite. asalkan kau tak buat benda2 merepek lagi sudah. i still remember when daddy blew up bkoz he found a condom in ur bag so many donkey years ago. hahahaha! and remember the double decker bed we used to have? and then we would sprawl all the mattresses we have and all the pillows our salivas have stained on the floor and we would imagine that we were all in a helicopter and would jump down freestyle stunts to the self-cushioned floor. and i still remember you used to have this harley davidson hankerchief which i always played with when i was baking a hot cake in the toilet. and you cleaned me up and scolded me for playing with ur cool hankerchief. and there was once when i called out for you to clean me up but u buat bodoh only n thats when i learnt how to cebok myself. i cant remember exactly which one of u twin brothers who taught me how to dry myself. we used to always shower together but stopped when u started to develop bulus here n there n my breasts were starting to show. hahahaha. i know i have never uttered the three words to both of you (even if i have, it was sooooooooooo long ago), but i do love both of you. for your non-chalant behaviour towards me most of the time, for always picking up fights with me during those times, for sparring with me a couple of times, how fast time flew. and now im the only one left.

    got to go now. i wanna start playing the irritating sims again. and build a mansion bigger than those at 6th avenue. it sucks to have a dream house being built in a laptop only and to have electronic figurines live in it and not you.

    i want to live in a mansion with lots of passion with me and my bf. me and my bf.

    @ 2:47 PM

    Thursday, April 05, 2007
    What do humans do after getting some? Ciggies are the first to be grabbed. TV switched on, or if it's on already, turn up the volume. And then there's a line which goes like - sex, hot gf and soccer, what more could a man asks for?

    But that didn't happen to hamsters. The male will just start to run the wheel again, prolly thinking to himself, aaahh yes im a man! a mannnnnnnnnnn! But before the run starts, he will lie flat on his stomach, his four legs widely stretched out to respective sides, prolly thinking ooooohh boy. that was the bomb lah!

    My qiu qiu actually got better. After she was diagnosed with a "womb infection" by some vet at eastpoint. And after seeing how much blood she lost. I almost cried at the clinic ok. Mummy was alone at the clinic. Daddy had some errands to do. haha. But anyways, yea. Both miu miu and qiu qiu (her clinic name is prada btw) are doing fine now thanks for asking. She's doing fine now i guess she doesn't need the vitamin and ointment anymore. But i think i better stick to the vitamins. Miu miu is now killing me with the wheeling sound. gedang gedung gedang gedung! And prada tengah rilek one corner. I think sooner or later prada gonna give birth to lots of hammies. Sapa nak angkat tangan?! And people say my hammies are this breed what they call - the black bear. But i reckon they are campbell's russian black dwarfs. Oh well. whatever their breed is. whoever their parents might be. they are just soooooooper duuuuuuper cute. and thanks honey for these cute little dwarfs as our anniversary present. i promish to tickle their tummy like how i tickle yours ok.

    Brother getting married this weekend. jittery jittery bugs.

    Aypah getting engaged this weekend too. JITTERY JITTERY BUGS!

    And someone taught me not to waste money on hantaran. Because all that not wajib. So, ustadz mana ni? Go figure! (hint hint: eh, he loves to fart)

    Oh no. there goes my paul smith!


    @ 12:48 AM