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    Friday, June 29, 2007

    i swear there are thousands of crazy whacked frames to be uploaded here to show off my bangkok trip, the birthday celebration at rouge and more hot pictures of me and ahbwee. i've been wanting to play with the slideshow thingy but by the time i'm infront of my pc, my semangat meter just descended. but, those who are my friends in my friendster, then have viewing the steamy frames.

    those who are my "family" in my multiply, have fun viewing a lifetime of my frames!

    and i took a day of time off today. woohoo. TGIF! but ahbwee, TGIFU. i miss you. come back from reservist already. actually not much of a diff. because we seldom meet on weekdays but still! the rushed telephone conversations suck. except for midnight, relax sikit. but just less than a day more and he's out. and i'm fetching you tmrw in that rihanna dress so wait for me, you hot stuff you.

    and i wanna go for a photoshoot session at kallang stadium with my polaroid, anna sui's mono and lumix before the stadium poofed into thin air.

    anyone wants to accompany me swimming tonight? my packs are disappearing lah. bleargh!

    and i saaaaaaaaaayang elyo. apparently, i am getting myself what my boss promised me a month ago. well, no need to know lah what benefits i'm getting. nanti buat mata orang tak betul tu merah ajer. pastu ada blog war lagi. malas betul.

    and my property manager just realized i have a wide forehead. like a jendul lah. then he said ppl with that kind of foreheads are street smart ppl. we definitely will go far if we thrive harder and be less lazy. we tend to feel contented at our comfort zone but in fact, we are smart assess and geniuses. he said he's always known i'll be one of my boss' jewel, looking at my position in less than 2 yrs with elyo. and lain-lain lagi. betul punya angkat aku. but too bad, he's resigning already. heard wing tai and temasek holding is calling him. you go man!

    sigh...so later i'll be out. first visit to axs to pay the neverending bills. and then to get that temp license. and then to haig road to fulfil my haig rd roti john craving. and maybe tapao some for the family. and then........manicure? salon? i know. pet safari! woohoo.

    ok bye kengkawan.

    @ 12:44 PM

    Saturday, June 09, 2007
    To the streets' stereotypes,

    OBVIOUSLY, you are just trying to get on me. but seriously, stereotypes like you turn me on. turn me on so much i have to blog about it.

    and killer, OBVIOUSLY you too don't know me and my friends that well. what makes you say i'm the only admin honey? and who are these successful aka managers of all sorts of friends do i have here? you are confusing me. i know my friends but they don't fit that bill. at least, not yet. and even if they are big shots, no i wont feel intimidated. that's the last thing i would feel. i'm going for a holiday for a week. and my company is just apparently too dependant on me that they tried their luck asking me to postpone my holidays. and you OBVIOUSLY have no idea how many sites i am currently taking charge to the fullest gear. and admin or secretary or whatever it is, is just a designation. what matters more to me, is my payslip. and betul jugak cakap korang, melayu memang gini. tengok orang naik sikit ajer, mata merah. daripada korang feeling feeling nak jadi successful macam aku kan, go start sending out your resumes go! no use reading my blog trying to think of my flaws to make yourself feel accomplished enough. jangan asyik duduk depan computer baca pasal hidup orang lain yang tengah senang nih. nanti buat sakit hati sendiri ajer. apa lah korang semua ini!

    my dearest BFF and i are climbing the corporate ladders respectively, differently and in our own unique lines. and there is always a pattern among us. and i believe, we will be some big shots one day, in our respective line of careers. but just not now not today. but i'm sure one day, insyaAllah.

    and when we are, i'm still somehow very sure we need to do our own admin work. but OBVIOUSLY, we are very humble natured ppl and we wont be going around telling ppl selling pratas are stupid. the provision shop mamas are stupid.

    you don't need to know how much i love elyo. you don't need to know where i'll be in elyo by next year. you don't need to know the smiles i got from mum nowadays bkoz of the kachings i'm contributing. and you don't need to know the promises i received from my boss. so go ahead, sue this admin. but wait, got enough money to hire an attorney or not?

    The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but significance - and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning.
    Oprah Winfrey

    If A is success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z i keeping your mouth shut.
    Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

    So, i reckon i'll just have to keep my mouth shut.

    @ 2:32 PM

    Friday, June 08, 2007
    i read yanyan's latest entry and then thought to myself; what chasing dreams have made me into.

    i used to think pleated hair and dreadlocks are like totally cool until i told my bf off that i actually self-proclaimed i'm not that cool to carry out that hairstyles. when in fact, 3 or 4 years back, whenever my hairstylist has something crazy and wacked, i was his faithful guinea pig.

    school and part-time jobs were never obstacles to party hard and meet my gfs and bfs and God knows who else i used to have the time to entertain. i survived the morning lectures, the hot scorching mengantukkan tutorials and the late night outs.

    and all i want to do now is to clear those invoices (left by the previous old hongkee BITCH) before i go for my holiday. and trust me, there are over hundreds of them i swear i'm not kidding. so for those who think i got my often increments thru under-table blowjobs, fuck you. for those who think the job scope of an administrator only deals with phone calls and self mani-pedi behind the desk, fuck you too. lets just hope i could clear another 80 invoices like i did these couple of days my tmrw. and it's draining me out. me eyes are getting kero-er as the days go by. my migraine attacks are more frequent nowadays. my hot milo is my only remedy which always quickly turns cold after 8mins in the super cold aircon office. and these are just mere complains from me. not that i'm hating my job.

    in fact, i'm loving every invoice in it.

    but i hate what i've become today. for now. for this second. i need more than a holiday.

    @ 12:05 AM

    Sunday, June 03, 2007
    gorgeous super talented hot xtina is coming here! alas! yayyyyyyy!!!!

    but her tickets are too hot that it will burn my wallet downright thru my pockets. damn it lah!!! i have most of her unreleased tracks ok! but i cant go bkoz too many things happening this june. which will leave me close to nothing. ahhhh fark fark fark. n no. i wouldn't wanna use my other savings account to buy her tix. i've used enuff. unless any of you out there somehow got last minute biz trips or u think ur pet will still have that hot fever on her concert date and kind enough to sell it to me at a very much affordable price but i think i can just dream away the odds lah.

    i love her bkoz i can relate my life, journey and experiences thru her tracks. its strangely real and then i'll wonder if she went thru those kinda things before. her vocals obviously deserve many many thumbs up. i somehow misplaced her albums (1st, 2nd and a couple of spanish singles) during the moving house transition last year. like suwar suwey betul.

    but anyhows, here's my current fav track from her. best thing is, her songs are like those evergreen ones. dengar banyak kali pun tak jelak nyah!

    It's not so easy loving me
    It gets so complicated
    All the things you gotta be
    Everything's changing
    But you're the truth
    I'm amazed by all your patience
    Everything I put you through

    When I'm about to fall
    Somehow you're always waiting with
    Your open arms to catch me
    You're gonna save me from myself
    From myself, yes
    You're gonna save me from myself

    Ooh, whoa yes, mm

    My love is tainted by your touch
    Well some guys have shown me aces
    But you've got that royal flush
    I know it's crazy everyday
    Well tomorrow may be shaky
    But you never turn away

    Don't ask me why I'm crying
    'Cause when I start to crumble
    You know how to keep me smiling
    You always save me from myself
    From myself, myself
    You're gonna save me from myself

    I know it's hard, it's hard
    But you've broken all my walls
    You've been my strength, so strong

    And don't ask me why I love you
    It's obvious your tenderness
    Is what I need to make me
    A better woman to myself
    To myself, myself
    You're gonna save me from my..

    @ 4:44 PM

    Saturday, June 02, 2007
    Another good karma smacked me in my face a few hours ago. And Alhamdulillah, the person took an effort and initiative to send it back to my place. I would definitely feel very naked without my Nokia.

    To Rashidin from Starbucks East Point, thank you very much for being the good samaritan you are. Thank you for accepting my little token of appreciation (after loads of persuasion and complaining to my mum openly that he's refusing the token). Thank you for not being a thief when you could simply switched off my hp, throw my precious sim card and be the biggest nabey in the world. Thank you for bothering to send it to my place when I could have collected it tmrw. I can never say enough thank you-s. You might not read this but hey! Whoever out there knows him, give him a pat and a hi-5 for me ok!

    Kudos to you. If only I'm still in the F&B line, I definitely would have bought you from Starbucks.

    You know...it is in fact a very good thing to have a clean heart. Not that I'm self-claiming that I'm the purest of all. But once in awhile, it really doesn't hurt to offer a hand to strangers. It really does pay off. TRUST ME.

    A man who sent my wallet all the way to my doorstep. But I was working and too bad, didn't get to see him. With all my important cards still intact. I hope he knows I'm grateful too.

    Many many many kudos to these men.

    @ 2:40 AM