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    Monday, October 29, 2007

    She's my best friend. She's my sidekick in double matches. In the realm of PSP.


    P.S: The previous entry was jotted down during a state of messy mind.

    P.P.S: I'm loving my new CK belt. Anything with chains are a major turn on for me.

    I miss my ahbwee.

    @ 11:22 PM

    Thursday, October 25, 2007
    i don't see it anymore.

    i think it's starting to get dusty.

    i think i think too much.

    i don't think those words apply much to me.

    somethings obstructing my view. gotta stop before too late.

    wake ur idea up. before the memories flaked away.

    i read too much lines in-between.

    i'd deciphered too many things, foolishly.

    i need to go.

    maybe for awhile. maybe for long. maybe forever.

    but i need to go. alone.

    think i'm effing crazy?

    elya never gives a hoot on what others think.

    so you're effing wasting your time figuring me out.

    no one could interpret me.

    bye lah.

    @ 11:42 PM

    Saturday, October 20, 2007


    Yipes! Can't wait can't wait to wet my eyes, my cheeks, my nose, my whatever.

    Oh December, cepat lah meh datang...

    @ 12:03 AM

    Thursday, October 11, 2007
    the morning started out normally. only with a slight headache on the way to work which i thought will fade sooner or later. and then i saw floating black spots on my computer screens and everywhere. the world was spinning 360degrees at 10000km/h. for a perfect vision girl, the sights really scared me yesterday. then i went to puay ki's cubicle and looked out at the window. thought that some greenery sceneries might help but noooooooooooooooo. it only got worse.

    so sad bkoz i couldn't fast the last 3 days of Ramadhan since i started puking liquids at work yesterday. stayed in the toilet's cubicle for 15 mins until i could breathe normally again. i brought a mentos in my pocket and popped in my mouth. that was the only energy provider for me to drag myself slowly to the locker room where i lay down waiting for my ahbwee to come and rescue me.

    doctor said i just got hypertension. and i was like wtf? i am lesser stressful at work nowadays as compared to 3 months ago. so i slept soundly last night looking forward to go to work. and then i saw the floating spots again in my shower room. seram babe. macam hantu. the world started to spin again lerr....irritating!!!

    but im starting to feel better now. only that the world decides to spin on me occassionally. so i decided to bake choc chip walnut cookies today. kakak ipar saya order dari saya lerrr....and also nak donate some to the tunang. heeeeheeeee...mother dah ask "kau tak buatkan tunang kau kuih?" then told her the double choc chunk cookies are his favourites. then mom said "si cookie hitam tu? hmmm....macam orang dia jugak". hahahaha. but my ahbwee is not hitam ok. P.U.B made him hitam. otherwise, our child will be born as casper!

    i know i don't make much sense today.

    just hopefully i'll be well by hari raya. then can pakai baju tunang with the hot corset.

    most importantly, besok nak pi geylang beli lekor and burger ramly last kopek. nanti rindu.

    kepada kawan2 saya, kenalan2 saya di internet, bloggers2 yang mengenali diri saya, saya ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya aidilfitri! kalau murah hati, tanya account number saya jadi boleh memberi sikit kepada saya yang memerlukan. hahaha. what rubbish. kalau entries saya ni ter-bitchy ke, buat awak menyampah ke, maaf lah eh tapi ni blog saya, oh well what can i say? maaf zahir dan batin kengkawans!

    @ 12:58 PM