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    Thursday, November 30, 2006

    Do you remember how (gorgeous) i looked on the night we met?

    What an impromptu decision. Thank you Womad, for your expensive tickets otherwise I wouldn't have met my LOAL. And gatecrashing is so yesterday. Thank you ayDah n dian for suggesting john molina instead. And thanks ayDah for...oh well you know for what lah eh.

    So, in less than half an hour the date will be officially over.

    But not the story. And definitely with more chapters and frames to come.

    Thank you Snoop Dog for that mofo song. That got his attention. hehz....

    Thank you hotness. For everything.

    And honey, who ever said that your eyebrows are wussies? Come on let me trim them nicely for you.
    Happy 90+ days sweet love.

    @ 11:19 PM

    Tuesday, November 28, 2006
    class test went well alhamdullilah. just thought that i could have been more stingy and fair to myself. remind me not to pass my answers (which amazingly came out of my fingertips) around anymore. i feel sucky bkoz i just cant be stingy. that is not me. not in financial matters. not in anything. and worse, not even thank you. thanks eh. im only stingy when it comes to bf. where can share bf? kau dah giler. nak kena bunuh?

    oh well. there goes my effort burning the midnight oil.

    but i really cannot be stingy lar. i just cant see people in desperate moments although they themselves ask for it. sometimes boleh jadi macam budak bodoh. bkoz orang2 bodoh tak tahu appreciate. tapi nanti buat lagi. ah whatever lah. knowledge is queen. n i am the one with the knowledge. so korang kena panggil aku queen. lord save the queen lord save the queenie queen. pffft.

    i feel sucky.

    and no one's home for a fucking week.

    and i thot im going to create a storm.

    but smoking freely in the house it's just it. nothing else.

    i guess i'll do some early preps for exams or something.

    or read my archies over n over again.

    or just mess up my bed n be lazy.

    or talk to my cats.

    or check out e-bay. or youtubing.



    @ 12:35 AM

    Sunday, November 26, 2006
    my baby chumchumboom snoring again. eeeeeeeeeeeee so long lah his eyelashes.

    anyways, just done getting a new template for him. the previous one so the small boy punya template now. his latest template is something evergreen. something that is quite the him. sorry honey, couldn't find a pink floyd template for you. after my papers i do for you ok.

    and last night was fu to the yoooooooooo.

    attendance was fully marked. except for one who didnt wanna end up lookng like an advertisement for us. hah his bad. but anyways, we actually stayed up till 5 in the fucking am to make the banner in a tiptop condition. we printed and cut out numbers of A4 size papers taped together into a nice curvy shape. and i sewed the beads and glued the kinky white feathers. nani did the photoshop. jun n aydah did the crowns for the queen n king of the night. and so we celebrated the so called hen-cock party at scarlet hotel. i missed my tetek. but there's only one tetek i knew left at breeze. and aydah, jun n i fetched amy n chacha and blind folded them from red dot building all the way back to the restaurant. that part klakar nak mampos. perut boleh piciak (pecah in manjen's slang). n chacha cried when we took off their blindfolds. n amy almost fell off the platform. hahahaha. aiyah. amy almost fell alot of times lah. after a round of drinks, we went momoing. n stayed at the live band room whose main singer looks like amy search and his voice is fu to the yoooo also. n he sang our song!!! dedicated to the halal-hubby-n-wife-in-a-week. they actually played journey's faithfully lar balls! and amy cried lor bkoz coincidentally that's his fav song too. and bf fa-reed is forever the sweetest thing. although he got a little irritated looking for the hotel initially. hehz. what a love. you could see the love electricity going on in the air last night.

    to chacha, all the best honey, for your future, your new life and endless happiness. we are so fucking happy for you i swear we are all gonna cry on your wedding day. it seems like only yesterday we were chilling at tamp wif our norm bubble teas n ciggies session planning for your wedding activities. which mak andam? which tok kadi? which bridal services? i'm so glad that you're glad with the one for you now. promise to still meet up for bubble teas n ciggies ok? although u will be in punggol later ok? dat is so light years far but i have this feeling we'll make it forever.

    ok now. going to have a ciggie and start cramping for tmrw's financial management class test which is gonna take up 20% of my assessment fuyoooooooooo.

    i heart you, Farid.

    i sayang you, BFF.

    @ 5:20 PM

    Thursday, November 23, 2006

    it still gives me all the warmth and smiles whenever i see this frame. taken 4 yrs ago. wow. damn was i hot or what. so skinny. and that top dian was wearing is my ck off shoulder top ok. and she broke the armpit part. bleargh. that girl always has tendencies to break things. ouh well. 4 yrs ago when i was all eager and always plunging forward without thinking the consequences. when i only wanted to go to clubs where there were little attendance from the mat but sadly, all malay guys are mat(s) lar. and all malay girls are minah(s). what we are the minah2 cool chill rilek one corner. and then this clubbing shits obviously affected my skool. and i was so reckless lar ok! used to always go against my parents pleas and cries and angst to make me a better person. and what do you know. at that age, baru nak naik lah kan....step tahu menahu segalanyer. but thank God i didn't reach to a point where i pack my things up and go. dat would be stoopid, ungrateful, naive and......more stoopids.

    but anyhows, i miss that girl who hugs me in the picture. pompuan giler. sewel. pandai pulak tuh. dah pandai, athlete pulak tuh. im so jealous aydah get to play netball today bkoz it made me think of our first year in np together. frst yr must take PE mah. so we took netball. and beat the crap out of the masscomm team. they could definitely talk flowery flowery english but no stamina! hurhurhur. im in such a predicament right now. been so many occasions when i told myself i would call her and have coffee or chill at chjimes like how we used to but things keep on twisting ar. now my stoopid handphone is spoilt. like totally. nak tengok contacts pun susah. urghh! i miss her i miss her i miss her. i miss our often trips to X'odus at heeren dulu2. i miss boat quay-ing with her. i miss drum n bassing with her. i definitely miss hrc-ing with her. and i miss pulling her hair bkoz its so godamn long like horse tail like that. haiz........lina lina, mana kau?

    ok ok. enuff of this. i had officially completed my project yayyy! ermm....except for the graphs. tapi tanggung beres.

    so im gonna call my lifetime now and chat the night away with sweet somethings n nothings with him. n hopefully he'll snore for me tonight. snore for me tonight honey...snore for me.

    @ 11:49 PM

    as droopy as my eyelids are now, i am enjoying every minute of burning my midnight oil doing my project. these are my last two modules before i throw my graduation hat yayyyyyy!! and i'm planning to ace it ok. ouh jinx. i mean, a C would be ok. :) i'm almost done with my project actually but i'm still doing my research and readings from different cases in newspapers for wider contents and understanding.

    when it comes to tight deadlines like this, with my class test coming next week, i just want to stay home and do my revisions and stuffs so can i please not report to work? cannot. bkoz work sucks. must settle lots and lots of stoopid invoices. but i could make a facial appt though.......harharhar

    why am i blogging abt this? whatever.

    ok. must continue with my research already liaow.

    i love the weather. i love monsoon season. i love chilly winds. but not chilly enuff for snow to appear so there goes an excuse of buying winter killer boots and vogue furry (fake of course!) smashing jackets.

    and i miss him. how ar?

    when i was analysing on inventory management, it seems like i was imagining how his snores gonna sound tonight. i reckon it must be quite a snore since he had a stoopid day at work. oh well, snore or no snore, i will still be his lifetime mechanic if he's a car and do and fix him right. woohoooo!

    handheld mirror, u suck big time.

    @ 1:28 AM

    Sunday, November 19, 2006
    his latest entry made me tear.
    and i pray to Him.
    make this last....please make this last....

    definitely, it is Farid.

    @ 10:21 PM

    ah tam is back in singapore!! yayyyy! glad for him. hope he will be with his kicap girl forever and ever. and thanks for the hot gifts hor! the gifts are soooo me ok. heeeeee......and whatever decisions you made, im right behind you ah tam!

    and the outing with bf and my nephew yesterday was definitely refreshing. except the part where i have to smoke behind the towel though. dats not hot. tapi tak kan nak smoke infront of him kan. tak senonoh. so, we went to visit the zoo yesterday. after million of light years not going there. and the entry tickets have definitely jacked up lar! and there were soooo many changes. it really looks like a zoo. hah. im so proud of singapore's zoo. so nice. so clean. and people pls ar! dont buy furry stuffs ok. if u still degil, then buy fake fur. do you know that 3 kinds of tiger species are already totally wiped out in the world? now left about 7,000 only ok! would u like me to skin you? bleargh. kesian tiger. tinggal sikit ajer. and those sengsih medicine shits where they use some tiger oil or fats or claws or whatever, hello. those are bullshits ok. not even clinically and scientifically proven.silap2, korang yg kena sumpah. and white tigers are so out of this world i swear. they are sooooo beautful. like me. just dat i dont have blue or green eyes lar. contact lenses put aside bkoz that is so fake. eeu. and looking at this tiger whom they had named him as Osman, roaming around, roaring silently once every 3 minutes are just fuyoooooo. bulu dia peh lebat macam nak kena peluk. polar bears lagi satu. when he was swimming in the pool, the translucent fur was just swaying lar. punya lah cute. tamak pulak tu. he already caught a live fish in his jaw, but decided to let go and went for the watermelon instead. but he still chased the fish while enjoying his watermelon. polar bear tu kalau bawak balik best. boleh jadi bantal peluk.

    and my bf has some similarities with the hamadryas baboon, a proper calling name for red arse baboons. so adorable! and when they want to mate, their arses turn more red than ever! hiak hiak hiak. but my bf's arse aint red at all. except when i spank them up. ok whatever.

    so we had our late lunch at pizza hut, requested by hisyam aka michellin tyres boy. and then proceeded to sentosa! it was already low tide so there were seaweeds and it scares the arse of the michellin boy. what more, with the existence of the ketiak monster! hot pulak tu the monster. and we ended the day off at banquet parkway. the day didnt come to an end for me n bf lar but it did for hisyam. heh. then later at night, bf showed me his koh pangan trip dvd. when he got so pissed drunk that he actually knocked into their chalet's glass door and it actually fell. my bf is the real live version of archie i tell you. without the red hair and freckles of course. hahahaha. so clumsy. so loving. so manja. so love love love.

    i dont usually blog like this. i dont usually blog about what happened the other day. but this. i just got to. bkoz it brought me and michellin boy closer. and of course, it brought bf and michellin boy closer. and it was him who initiated it. thank you again for this. for everything.

    and hula hooping with dian n nani was definitely outrageous. i tell you, we became 12 when we entered that toy store. and yah yah nani can gelek good time. she's forever the minah gelek.

    ok. blogger beta sucks. it screws up my links. so next time then.


    @ 9:01 PM

    Thursday, November 16, 2006
    wow. ps3 is definitely the thing to have now since people in US are already lining up outside the stores when the first batch of addictive playstations havent even reach the airport yet. and they have to substitute the norm ships to planes just to transport those damned ps3. you see, the problem here definitely lies with the production operation. the marketing department did a fabulous job. too fabulous i shall say. but they also should know better that markets nowadays are getting crazier. not only the young ones, even the executive carries the portable psp. this is the danger with big products like this. you have to know your markets lifestyle well. you have to be their socks in their shoes. thus, the marketing department could have communicated a wee bit more with the production department to tell them how much to produce during the first three months or so. with the complete competitive advantages a ps3 has, they could have launch it in different countries consecutively at a very much unreasonable price. no doubt, the stocks will be wiped clean in no time even if the initial price is at a four figure. this is a ps3 for gameness sake! it targets all sorts of race, genders and age. total coolness.

    hey anonymously yours! wow. the most setia phsychomaniac i've ever known. how are you lately? have u been searching for me? did u yahoo search me? or googled me? did u miss me in aft5? i am to die for aren't i? i am that hot for you aren't i? but u called my bf names. and u dont even know him. so, go masturbate and fuck yourself. im surprised animals like you have the knowledge of IT.

    speaking of animals, i am sick to my brains whenever the anjings popped out their heads from the lorries/trucks/vans or whatever just to give me the im hungry for you look at me. i swear their saliva was dripping on the road. i am sick to my arse with quiet comments from the anjings when they walk past me they will say sweet or simply an ummmmmm. and i am sick to my cat's arse when they continue doing those stuffs despite the greeting they had from my middle finger. like, fuck! come on now. i know im hot. but i don't need to see those stoopid expressions when ur raping me with your eyes idiots.


    and anonymously fucking yours, one more bad word about my bf, i swear i'll look out for you high and low whatever it takes so i could just give u a one nice dick kick.

    @ 8:38 PM

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006
    My Syawal so far. Happening lar!

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    @ 12:04 AM

    Sunday, November 12, 2006

    i cant wait for dance classes next year! yanyan, confirm eh! no last minute buih.

    then a couple of months later, confirm badan macam ni.

    hahaha. aku blanja korang makan seafood kalau betul lar.

    @ 7:10 PM

    the week has been well-spent. actually since last weekend. jalan raya back to back. with his friends and my friends. it was our first raya together. with swifty pulak tu. swifty has been behaving very well lately. dat i want to give her a present. but what? 16inch reams? a powderful stereo system? i dont know?

    and bf is addicted to the addictive sims. i also like that game lar. but his version boring bkoz cannot make love. mine can. can adopt. can kiss. can give present. can be productive and such.

    and bf has a new online "toy". some sort. the "toy" will capture his 1001 emotions into words.

    and the rouge trip last friday was gerek. but whats up with the mungeons tracks? dats the only downfall for that night but besides that, it was super fun. watching bf's friend, bobby dancing to the endless tracks crack me up. and he's such a dancer! must practice in the shower room already so can battle2. bwek.
    then we sent off mr and mrs ah-bey back home n had our breakfast at mac donalds changi airport and it was so frigginnnnn cold. and then went home to catch up on my beauty sleep bkoz had to attend dian's sis engagement function. :) i like the fact that they have durian puffs. and some makciks were so rude to aydah, dian n i! we were eating and obviously having some conversations going on when one of this idiot told us hahh nak makan tu, makan. jangan nak berbual2. dah bes makan, jalan! darah gua naik ah babe! and she kept on muttering tak cukup kerusi tak cukup kerusi. tak cukup kerusi abeh tak tahu, masuk rumah and makan duduk ah! but we couldn't be bothered and decided to have a second serving instead to piss her off and the foods are nice by the way. and i blame her for my second serving. n now im fat. so stupid. kalau mulut nak laser, jangan pakai tudung! aku azan kan kau baru tahu! i cant believe makciks like this exist. malay some more. malu betul.

    n hoorahhh to internet banking. bkoz of IB lah kan, i get to access to my other account (which happens to be in a much satisfying fuller sum) without any bank book. hahaha. im such an IB virgin. even though its such a passe. oh please fine me.

    n i prove myself to be the slower one (when compared to my bf). all bkoz of tako pachi. ok so my bf is faster. so shoot me. bwek!

    n i better get back to my project now.

    au revoir!

    @ 4:54 PM

    Monday, November 06, 2006
    anis and i cabut our night skool during the break. we just realised there were actually 2 real nyonyas in our production operation class. and those nyonyas are being very nyonya-ly that we kept on giggling here and there in class. im gonna miss my night class sidekick once we graduate. im gonna miss playing paper plane in class with her. we both are always the notty ones in class. with our unwarning burps and loud yawns, we rock the class. and our lecturers still adore us bkoz we do our tutorials promptly. and we answer the right answers. not always lar. but we do!

    then, i thought im gonna shower and sleep. but ended up blogging instead.

    and im having this random feeling again. too random that i almost alighted at paya lebar. i miss smoking my way from the mrt station down to haig road. and the pakcik tissue paper who always acknowledges me. heeeeee...the feeling is very homely lar!

    remind me to shoot myself the next time i cabut my night skool ok?

    and my bf manja is snoring like a donkey now. and i miss him much2. and i know my ah bee misses me too.

    ok lah whatever.

    gonna do some laundry.

    some facial maintenance home style.

    and then im gonna join my bf manja in his snoring donkey land.

    ok bye.

    @ 10:33 PM

    Saturday, November 04, 2006
    i feel so...random tonight.
    you know what. swimming complex should be open 24hrs around the tick tock clock. to cater people like me. i feel like having a dip now. i feel like drowning myself to this random feeling i'm having. ouh yeah. maybe i shall have a ciggie or two along my corridor after this. or start my revision since my last two papers are like next month. or perhaps complete my project. or read my archies collection. or bake a midnight cake. or better, bake a cheesecake!!! yayy! or just be lazy and watch tv. or jog. or do my overdue pump ups and sit ups.

    2 - 4 yrs ago...hmm...what was i doing on a friday night 15minutes to midnight? make up make up. vogue vogue. hair waxed. eh shit. 4 yrs ago i couldn't care less how i look like in clubs. after skool. with my torn n tattered jeans matched with whatever tops with my infamous pink reef sandals. with just loose powder, lip gloss and blusher. no need for manicures. no need all those gooey wax thingy on my hair. i just party. let my hair down. i miss drum n bass days at phuture. that is the session where you can jump and hop and act stoopid and fly your hair to everyone's faces and elbow your way through. i miss those days when nani is always my mak andam when it comes to eye make up. eh, her eye liner maut ok! and then i would always curi2 her mascara trying to make myself look prettier. and then those raffles place young skaterboys whom i kinda grew fond of during my 3 months semangat for california fitness gym asked me woi nak pi mana? n then dengan proudly, aku cakap nak pi clubbing ah! hahahahaha! zaman rootz lah dulu kan. those days when i changed my middle finger platinum ring to my wedding finger and show it off to anjings who wanna get to me. n i love to see their humiliation. and i miss those days when dian n i got 5 numbers from different cliques of guys. that was sooooo 7? 8 years ago? waaaahahaha. and they were indeed cute ok! during that era lar of course.

    you know how songs bring back memories to you? and then you seem to be floating together with the fluctuating notes.

    and my first ever job was being a part time waitress at the age of 15. at astro hotel summore! bulan posa ajer, lepas kerja, aku dgn dian pi makan burger ramly. stress ok! nak rokok, curi2 dari chef or manager kita. encik ahmad encik ahmad. gitu2 pun, encik ahmad lah yang beri saya punya first accounting job. alaaa...tu pun tgh tunggu o'level results. jadi lah. heeeeeeeee...

    you know how different scents rush you into the different moments and places you've been to?

    i miss the smell of my plants when it rains while i was still staying in haig road. and then i would light up a ciggie or two (parents home or not i didn't give a hoot) and inhale and enjoy the moment. that is my simplest definition of living. queen size bed to call your own, a shelter obviously, a pack of marlboro menthol, a somewhat dysfunctional family and my cats. i miss walking naked and modelling to myself nude. i miss getting shocks from my cats because they sometimes landed on my head or if i'm lucky enuff, on my face after they have their nap from my room window.

    like i said earlier. i feel very random. or maybe i should just hail a cab down to haig road now for a one last good cry. bkoz i'm still a haig rd girl after all. and i miss everything about dat block 21. call it a ghetto. call it a place where the budak busuk and budak kallang used to gather at. it will still be my playground. it is forever my hometown. and speaking of which, i wonder how my gangster friends are doing right now. i wonder if they miss me? and kak mimi. my guru ngaji. how is she doing now i wonder? and chut-teh. i miss carrying you home with me and then feed you with cats' junk foods. and i miss those apek2 chess void deck. they would stay up till the wee-est hours being not productive at all playing chess. but they are cool.

    i really need to give a one last good cry at haig road.

    but now, my lifetime just called me. alhamdullilah he's back home safely. and i miss him super much. and despite me missing haig road, i'm still thankful that i moved to tampines. like i said, every journey and everything counts. otherwise, i wouldn't have met him. i've never been so thankful in my life.

    My heart's been mended who'd have thought it would
    An empty bet and still I won the cash
    A man who I love and who
    Loves me back
    - Chocolate by Kylie M.

    @ 12:41 AM