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    Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    It was today 270906 of last month 270806 that we had coffee together.
    And we met between 260806 and 270806.
    And so we had coffee.
    After the long phone conversation we had.
    After at least 5 lame jokes shared by each other.
    After he called me nyonya and asked me if i had any line dancing training or not that day.
    After he thought my name is Lia.
    After his soccer practice.
    After our first msn.
    After I called him Mr Chestnut.

    And yea that coffee session wasn't a date. It was...well, it was a coffee session at Orchard Parade Hotel with yaya. And he showed off his eight magic ball. Then a quick trip to km8. And we shared a jug of green tea. And then the supper at simpang. Where we shared our playlist and found out that we had loads of tracks in common. Where he blasted my rooster ringtone right in my left ear. Where accidental touches here and there happened. Where we shared nasi goreng thai. That's hot. He's hot. I'm hot. And I thank God he came into my life.

    Like totally...

    Je vous aime, Farid sayang intan payung!

    @ 7:17 PM

    Sunday, September 24, 2006
    When Mariah Carey shows off her vocals, I cry.
    When Siti Nurhaliza sings, I cry.
    I even cry to Jessica's i wanna love you forever.

    And I cry to Hady Mirza just now.

    Like how I cried to France's loss.

    Hady Mirza, I'm with you. you hot dude you.

    But Farid is hotter.


    @ 9:20 PM

    Wednesday, September 20, 2006
    Im going to tell you a secret.
    That Heart indon movie is a must to watch ok. I cried like a baby. My baby erm...nevermind.
    Today is Farel's day. Farid + Elya. get it?

    Today was my hospital appointment day. The bf accompanied me. We read classifieds together looking for our dream car. We read Home together. We shared heaven and earth green tea. He woke up early and took MC just to accompany me. Now strangers, that is what i call sacrifice and love. He held my hand 99.9% of the time. And that, i call irresistable and love. And not forgetting the multiple session. It was obviously better than heaven and earth green tea + N91 + helicopter. And we went public today because we decided to be a little more friendly to the environment. and that's hot. because we shared my iPod nano during train rides. while he read his cobra event. we went to popular and he bought a pen and i almost bought my Archies. today the sentence baby no dont disturb me im driving didnt exist. but there were many exchanges of that three words that it seems not enough and some other konyol words also. and baby said i'm both a blondie and brunette. but he said he still loves me no matter what my hair colour is lor. and dats like totally hot. and he's sensitive. and the night before we had a conversation. on our families, on our lives and dreams. and then there was that assurance part. that reminded me how glad i am that he's in my life now. true enough. after some anjings in my life, i finally met my prince cat. i heart him. my Farid.

    and did any of u watch arts central just now? there was this show on global extreme and wild gourmet. and it made me dizzy and wanna puke. there were live octopus, fried tarantulas, alligators, maggots, snakes, cows' eyeballs and yada yada. i was like eeu! eeu! eeu! loya tekak i nyah! nabey.

    and i miss my girls. all of u.

    and im missing the bf already. aiyah. how like that??!

    @ 10:50 PM

    Sunday, September 17, 2006
    Being twenty-two is like...

    Heee...more frames coming up.

    Yesterday the day was perfect. In fact, it was the best saturday ever lor. So much girlie love. Too much of Dealova that it began drizzled abit in Sentosa in the late afternoon. So much of bf love from the bf himself too!

    Will update again soon. Now, excuse me while i play with my new toy.

    Like we said too many times before but it never seems to be enough, TGIFU.

    @ 9:45 PM

    Friday, September 15, 2006
    Hmm...5 seconds ago i remembered something important and i wanna share it with you.
    The prob is, those thoughts refuse to stay on my mind for more than 5 seconds.

    Anyhows, what a nice rainy breezy day which makes me horny. eeu!

    I cant wait for that hot date later with the aquarius bf. Must be the aquarius effect. nyieehh...

    entries nowadays are happy entries by me.

    sometimes angry. sometimes a lil' bit sad.

    and i pray that i'll stand strong with what i have with me now.

    and not to be drowned by words.

    do you know that besides money and plastics, words are the root to all evil?

    i learnt that very well. a little too well perhaps.

    a little too well that i'm afraid to let those guards down fully.

    a little too well that i'm a closeted skeptical girl.

    a little too well that the word trust has a font size of 1.5 in my dictionary as compared to the rest of words with their normal 12 size.

    i suck. and he's the bf who rocks my world. who gives me a reason and build up the foundation back when it comes to hope.

    but i'm still crossing my fingers. i'm still as shaky as a flake.

    Merci pour ce beau don de faire des trouvailles. Je vous aime.

    @ 7:32 PM

    Saya tak suka orang yg tidak ada originality tau.
    Dari segi apa-apa pun.
    Dan saya rasa saya harus copyright blog saya.
    Biar sumer orang tahu saya lah queen.

    @ 7:18 PM

    Thursday, September 14, 2006
    Dear Singapore Idol audiences, please be more polite and shut your mouth when you have to. So irritating. So...malu-ating. Just now have Stacey Orrico some more. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee malunyer saya!

    @ 9:05 PM

    do you know that BSOD stands for blue screen of death? i replied coolness to my IT manager and he laughed at me. nabey.

    and my last paper....it was a killerrrrrr lah fark. nabey. economics. but i love economics. and i did that fiscal policy question. yayyy! don't talk to me if u know nuts about discretionary fiscal policy. hah!

    and he's having a bad day. how? :(

    like him, i'm glad i put my foot on his shore too.

    @ 8:15 PM

    Wednesday, September 13, 2006
    Either way it's suicide
    Cars drive through in real time
    You choose the stars in blue and white
    I love you till i'm dead inside
    Plastic eyes look milky white
    And the violence makes things hard to hide
    Our pale faces sink in time
    Either way it's suicide

    I'm gonna jump the next train
    Gonna jump on a plane
    Take a ticket to the other side
    Jump the next train

    Touch till hot times smack me up
    And cigarettes taste good tonight
    Modern girl it's time to go
    Either way i'll let you know
    We wake up to a polaroid
    And the blank eyes stare at something new
    Little unit don't let go
    All I really want is you

    I'm gonna jump the next train
    Gonna jump on a plane
    Take a ticket to the other side
    Jump the next train

    Why now utter your sorries?
    Why now mention your worries?
    Why now that talks about future?
    Why now those tears and sighs?
    Why now those flashbacks?
    Why now the heavy heart ache?
    Why now to pursue?
    Why now the "i'll never forget you and stop missing you"?
    What are the meanings in those words again? Seems like i had misplaced my oxford dictionary.
    Why now the realization of the diamonds and stars i gotten for you?
    You're not physically blind, that's why i hate you for not seeing through me.
    You're not deaf, that's why i hate you for not listening to me.
    You have all your cells beautifully intact, that's why i hate you for not feeling me.

    But nevertheless, don't you worry now. I've forgiven you and I'll pray for the best for you. Don't you worry now about the bitches in this thing called life. I am very sure with guts like yours, you'll make it through. And don't you worry about me. If i ever meet an asshole, lessons from our relationship have prepared me for the better and the worse. So hush and don't you worry about me now.

    So like our many immature goodbyes before, 090806 is indeed our final ultimate matured goodbye. Forgive me for my wrong doings since i'm only human and not that perfect as what you had described me as. I will be a good girl. I promise...ok?

    @ 2:25 PM

    Sunday, September 10, 2006
    it was raining kucing and anjing and we just reached his void deck. we were warming each other up when an senseless indian man approached us and asked us where six not nine is in a very slenger nonchalantly manner. and he repeated six not nine six not nine not giving us a chance to ask him what the hell are you talking about. and he slenger-ly walked past us and said oh there it is ok thank you. he looked at me (confusingly) and i looked (adoringly) at him. n it took me 3.5 seconds to figure out what that six not nine was. sekali it was block 609 lor. then we had a good 3 minutes laugh and began warming each other up again. he then brought me for sushi mushi session and i was blardy jakun that i almost believed him when he said the alarm will go off if i begin clicking away on the comp screen showing the patrons their menus. how silly of him lor. and how clever of me not to fall for that cheap prank. heheheeeeeee...

    and he brought me to his favourite smoking corner where he and his scrambler boys used to hang out at. smoke and smoke and smoke. and oh. have u noticed the multi-storey carpark in JB? it reads something like ada lagi tempat letak kereta, sila ke atas. in short, more parking space. so stoopid hor? belum sempat habis baca, dah terbabas. jerk siak.

    ouh. and have i told you he's the male version of me? except that he's smarter lor. nyiehhhhh. and he loves to nag at me. and whenever he does, i will kish kish him lor. and his thinking mole is super sexayyy. ala cindy crawford. except it's better. and he loves bimmie too. well he pronounced beamer as bimmie and i almost slapped him because i thot i heard mimi. :p

    he is my hot hot heat honk honk. yeah try to say that quickly. hot hot heat honk honk. hahahahahahaha.

    and i miss my girls too. yaya will be away from tmrw onwards. rostam is already in london, that idiot. he just couldn't wait until at least after my birthday. euu! i'll be 22 soon? euu! n i cant wait for 16th Sept to come lor. girls reunite! no bfs. no homework. no exams. no work. at least for half a day! yayyy! and then malam will be the karaoke-ing session with the bfs. yayyy! except that mine will be too shy to sing lor. but its ok its alright. his attendance is what matters most. and then we will all make noise ok and not sing. noisy noise with my nosy girls and the bfs will be the best prezzie of all. (right.........) hahahahaha...but i don't mind a beamer though. and yay! i've already gotten my bday present. besar dan best dan hidup summore. has that thinking mole summore! is dat hot or is dat hot? and he moves! hmmmm....

    ok lah. saya nak pi sambung belajar. sebelum my reed marah saya. tak sanggup!

    @ 3:44 PM

    Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    these toys are so hot they are making me cum.

    @ 7:45 PM

    Sunday, September 03, 2006
    I found this something from somewhere and it is like sooo totally hot!

    Angels...Believed it!

    While i was in my own "world", standing in a corner of a noisy room listening to some John Molina's shit, it strucked! I was like ouch! When i turned around, she simply glow! Godsent! Smitten like totally...

    I like the way she returned my smile, the way she twirls her hair, the way she defines the perfect 'guy', the way she mix her chocolate milk wit 7Up. The way she speaks french, the way she got "lost" wit coke, the way she walks, talks, sings and shouting out loud some vulgarities from Snoop Dog's songs!

    And also thanking her for the note that she left me while i was asleep and drooling in the train. Without that i wuld not have known her! Merci...

    Merci to her for translating A Very Long Engagement in english which was A Very Long Movie! But its totally cool! And for the fabulous food she cooked, BJ kasi empat O!

    The time spent, the conversation we had, the way she messed up my hair and mind fucking me, even my visa platinum can't buy a helicopter...priceless! Dats hawt.

    You are my paris, my nicole, my summer...simply an angel from above. Forever and ever babe! Syabas!

    now, is that hot or is that hot?

    @ 11:32 PM

    it is funny and silly how i used to think i'll never get over him.
    it is stupid and damned of me to think he is everything and has it all and i can never do without him. yea yea love is blind yada yada but why didn't i get it all along? oh yah hor. forgot lar. i forgot the fact that he was the psycho one and he would cry and beg and plead on all fours not to leave him. wahaha. dumb arse.

    i am so tired on that stupid vicious cycle.

    thank God i stood strong. thank God for my girlfrens sayang. no matter how bitchy they could be. they still rule lar. thank God i cried and cried. first two weeks were madness. 3 days out of 5 i got to work late. with eyebags summore. n then i thought to myself gosh elya you're so pathetic. look, the apeks and hunks and school boys just dont give you anymore second look. bleargh.

    and so, i started baking. start concentrating on my dishes ingredients. dipped and swam in the pool like it's hot. went to Rouge...and found someone who is the male version of me. like totally. let's just say, TGIFU. well, the F word has endless probabilities to it but so what? only he knows. i know. and He knows...

    so, here i am. back on my two feet again. was picked up from the dust. the dust was dusted away and i was polished and buffered till i was smitten all over. been so long since i was polished and buffered you know..? but then i guess, it is still too soon to say any hopes and dreams.

    let's just sit back and enjoy the show ok?

    and that's hot and he's handsome and i'm gorgeous and we rock the world of dunkin donuts and keropok lekor. that is so hot lor.

    @ 2:42 PM