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    Wednesday, March 28, 2007

    i have never believed in pms-ing. and i didn't think i actually pms-ed the other day.

    i realised i am quite an angry lady. lately, the littlest things tick me off effortlessly. n i miss #01-21. so much. especially my own bedroom. i didn't have any fancy furnitures or home decor back then in my room. it was just my built-in wardrobe, my queen size bed, my radio and that space where i carry out my prayers or just to read our holy Qur'an whenever i think i fuck up in some point of my life.

    french class was a blast. but i hate the part when he grills each of us. i never like participation. unless its voluntarily.

    could someone give me a plush Cheshire cat or Aristocat Marie Cat toy? i think that will somehow lighten me up a wee bit. or maybe a hamster?

    someone, pls just give me a good cheesecake. with caramel frap, venti pls.

    @ 9:38 PM

    Sunday, March 25, 2007
    today is sunday. thank god for aydah's hardishh i get to steal whatever videos and overdue photos.

    and then i saw myself with colourful bird nest hairstyles. eeu!

    i soooooooo loveeeeee my long black hair now. well not really black lah. thanks to swimming, it gains some natural highlights. hahaha. but better natural than one splotch of colour here n there. toni n guy is yesterday's news.

    last night. full force. newton where we pigged out seafood sponsored by the birthday girl. karaoke. sang for 4 friggin hours. sang our national anthems = bohemian rhapsody, dealova, enggan and many many more. and mana2 kita pergi, di situlah jugak ada si ditu eh! irritating betul. aniwes, all of us agree to one fact, we can't believe dian is the eldest among the girls. then we saw her ah ah aaahhhhh when she got that coach pink thing as her pressie. kakakaka. dian cacat. classic siak.

    and girls, don't you think it is time for us to act like our age? let us be prim n proper. cover our mouth when we laugh. put on high heels to starbucks or simpang. put on 5 inches of make-up whenever wherever.

    aiyoh. what a disaster. hell no way siol.

    end of march is coming. pls o pls elyo pls clinch that damn project. bkoz i have this feeling, property executive is so blardy fun.

    @ 2:01 PM

    Saturday, March 24, 2007
    hah so as i had thought. the mofos had fun reading. they even have their own definitions of the words i used in the entries. could i just be the next xiaoxue? or siaowpentan? or whatever her name is. should i now start posting nude pictures of myself? and let the world talk about me me me and me. then i'll get paid. hahahahaaaaa. dah tebiat ke?

    but sometimes i feel that i don't know you anymore.

    i need a remedy. quick.

    @ 4:16 PM

    Thursday, March 22, 2007
    was myspacing and friendstering. and the reality hit me.

    ouh dammit i aint cool anymore.


    kawan-kawan, dah sembahyang maghrib ke belum?

    notty eh!

    @ 7:30 PM

    Wednesday, March 21, 2007
    As he leaned over me, he gazed deeply into my eyes. Studying my face. As if trying to remember the position of my every pores. His eyes clearer than ever. His lips twitched a little as if about to mutter his thoughts out loud. Then he thought nah better not. And I insisted on telling me his mind. And he did.

    But with a little spew of air coming out of his arse. tuuuuutttt...

    I'm telling you. My bf farts good.

    sigh....my bf!

    @ 10:54 PM

    Tuesday, March 20, 2007
    eh u know what tak?

    i need more brickbats.

    the more brickbats i received (with not much of an open arms anyway), the more discipline i tend to swim.

    then im back to skinny. skinny minny.

    but brickbats also equals to heart pain. for what?


    tak nak skinny ah.


    @ 7:40 PM

    Monday, March 19, 2007
    I shall now just keep my big mouth shut and not share my apparently dumb, stupid and a lil tad too sensitive thots, with anyone, anymore.

    Not even you.

    @ 12:05 PM

    Sunday, March 18, 2007
    im having this ridiculuos craving for carrot cake and prata aiskrim now. urghhhhhhh. but im so layzee to go food hunting.

    so, are you having the time of ur life reading iizel?

    enjoy while it lasts ok?

    and the jb on friday midnite all the way to yesterday was like woww. wow bkoz of the company and kenny rogers especially!

    and im missing my plumpy honey already.

    ok lah. penat nak blog. bye lah.

    @ 8:08 PM

    Thursday, March 15, 2007
    Dear Idiot,

    it seems that it creates lots of delightful tingling teehee kinda feelings for you, when you go around asking people to have fun reading my previous online journal. small things like that could make u go hahahaha. oh boy how easy it is for your parents to bring u up since u love n enjoy little small things like that. how easy for you to achieve the sense of accomplishment. but how large ur phonebook and contacts are? could u reach the whole of singapore by just thru that website? so im a bitch? sheesh thanks [at least i did not self-proclaim i was one :)] would it make u the happiest idiot in the world if i help u spread it around? i shall just.

    your one and only motherfucker

    so what did i tell ya? i love the eff word sooo much that i dont mind self-proclaiming it to my worthy self. apparently, ppl have been bitching about me and hey! i dont mind at all lah. seriously! like what dian told me, no wonder rezeki aku murah. sebab ramai yg mengata pasal aku. soooooooooo, keep on bitching abt me pls oh pls. i wont sue i promise.

    and wayyyy before blogger dot com, i vented out my angsts n whatevernot at (drum rolls pls) iizel. so from the mofo here, happy reading! enjoy while it lasts. bkoz i almost forgotten i use to have it once. i will soon read over my previous life stories. n then it is time to close the forgotten book.

    and ouh did u know? that by just reading my blog makes u another mofo too. hahaha.

    @ 8:02 PM

    Monday, March 12, 2007
    self-proclaimed bitches are just people turning into imbecile whores who don't care about anything or anyone but for their own benefits and gains (when their next prey comes) and they deserve nothing but to be banished mercilessly. foolish bitches.

    and no one. NO ONE is comparable to my bf. my bf has standards. he has qualities. and he knows how, when and why to rock me nicely n well. (oh grow up already!)

    will b meeting yanyan in 45 mins n i am feeling sooooooooooooo l-a-y-z-e-e.

    i think i'll just jot down what i have just deleted, in my private diary. i mean ok maybe they do deserve to know what i've got to say here but then again, they dont play a much important role in my life with little significance at all so i would rather write little things like this in my diary n im now painting little doodles in my head to draw them in my diary but the best thing about this is, the things i wanna write about will slip away from my mind and then i wont remember what to write at all. then i'll just forget it. and that's how small you are in my life. you seem even smaller after knowing the foolish things you did. just what the hell are you trying to proof?

    i really think ur so much more mindless than britney spears.

    @ 4:15 PM

    Wednesday, March 07, 2007
    Was doing some teamwork with mummy last weekend. Bro getting married in a few weeks time and so we already started preparing the berkat thingy n stuffs. and then, just bkoz we were doing the berkat thingy and everyone is in the mood for the coming big bash, dorang sumer confront aku lah! bila kau punya turn? hey. crazy ke? lek ah... tunggu promotion dulu (which is very soon i swear im smelling it coming). tunggu gaji naik sampai beribu-ribu dulu. hahahaha...aiyoh. apalah mereka ini!

    and the date unfortunately crashes with aypah's engagement day. nvm. i promish i cabut to ur place sekejap ok! kononnya nak hantar cupcake kau lah gitu kan...konon ajer. pas tu mana tahu kita can go "kedai" skejap or wattt?

    and mummy cakap. nak cari jodoh, tak lawar tak apa. asalkan hati baik, niat suci dan penting sekali, boleh jadi imam keluarga. bingo! found him! n he is lawar ok. who say he's ugly, aku bunuh korang.

    see! it doesnt matter if you have the looks of miller or the body of some yummy idiots, if you don't know how to give your lady the attention she's craving for (trust me, although we rarely ask for it, it doesn't mean we won't appreciate you for initiating it!), then you might as well go rainbow. good looking boys. either they have too many fuck buddies. or they are gays. or they think they look too much better than their dates. or they are super boring! or they are just simply idiots. i've seen too many eye candies before. tapi sayang, very the brainless lah. omg. was i being very judgemental? ouh maaf! tak sengaja. but anyhows, if the shoe fits, wear it.

    and so, there's another soccer match this sunday huh? coolness. and aypah, u vivo-ing this weekend? urgh. actually kan, budget i tak lari. cuma i takut pergi sana! i suddenly have phobia for malls. well actually, the phobia only applies to my bank account ah. swipe picit swipe picit swipe picit! argh tidakkkkkkkkkk! so cannot promish first lor. i have too many series and movies to catch up nowadays. maybe i'll just be another mannequin by my desktop with grey's anatomy season 3 and prison break season 2. and heroes rule! go watch episode 18 already!

    and i think peter petrelli is my latest hero. bkoz he looks a lil' like jason mraz. and jason mraz = farid. and that's hot!

    @ 11:35 PM

    Thursday, March 01, 2007
    Dear Almighty, i really really hope you could answer my prayers.

    Pls pls pls let elyo clinch that new project at SICC 2.

    Because i like the sound of property executive.


    @ 8:23 PM