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    Sunday, August 26, 2007

    i'm having butterflies and it feels like there are chimpanzees swinging in my tummy. i remember around this time of last year, i was in a healing process after 2 weeks of being a zombie. i remember around this hour, this date of last year, i was at home, feeling damn shagged after 8 laps in the pool. yes i can really swim during emotional rollercoaster. and then dian called me up and fetched me and drove over to her place. we had quick forty winks, put our best dress on, our make-up on. so we were comtemplating ; to womad or to rouge? it was a 50 to 50. then thanks to chut and aypah (for not favouring the womad choice), so to rouge it was.

    then we sang our ketiaks out to molina's. i drank my sorrows with coke and pussyfoot. then thanks also to snoopy doggy dog, we exchanged our first smiles with each other while the last episode was blasting.

    that mole below his lips ala cindy crawford melted me for a split second.

    and then the conversations between him, aypah n i. as if the 3 of us have known each other for centuries. then the "see you around" line. then aypah came to the rescue. thank you thank you thank you. otherwise, i wouldn't be here at home smiling to myself while typing these events. i can't imagine life without him. i simply just can't.

    yesterday he asked me if i would like to change any of his weaknesses. i thought for awhile and then it was a hell no thank you. his temper during traffic jams is just who he is. he nags at me because he loves me. and vice versa to him. he doesn't want any part of me to change.

    and the talks and plans of our future. i'm really looking forward to it. i love i love i love and thats hot.

    so it will happen in 6 days time.

    and i never ever want the butterflies and swinging chimpanzees in my tummy to ever disappear.

    @ 6:12 PM

    Sunday, August 19, 2007
    There are times. Times like these, like now, like you think you have everything going on and you're just comfortable the way you are. And then you get in too deep with your comfort zone that you somehow begin to shun away other priorities in life. Normal everyday things, or even people suddenly turn into furnitures that you somehow oversee. And then there are news, gossips, drama and lyrics to pull you right back but it usually only lasts for a moment. And then there's a saying nothing lasts forever. If nothing lasts forever, then what is there to live? What is there to look forward to? Do we ever learn on not taking things for granted?

    Feed me with contained promises.
    Love me unconditionally.
    Because really, nothing lasts forever.

    My Lifetime Ahbwee is right when he says I need to clip my nails already. I hate typo errors caused by my nails. Thinking that I won't be doing any mani for awhile, I'd rather just.

    Back to work tmrw. Back to feeling deprived of weekends. Back to counting the days till I meet my bf. Fyi, i only see him once or twice a week. Sometimes 3 or 4 if lady luck appears. I ain't complaining. I have a lifetime with him. But sometimes. Just sometimes, I need to puke when ppl go like "i don't know how you survive with only a day or two of meet-ups with ur bf" or "my bf has a meeting so i have to go home on my own, inconvenient sey!". Like seriously, I feel like yanking her hair. Where has all the All my independent women, throw dem hands up at me gone to?

    Well gf, i'm sorry for having a life.

    @ 6:21 PM

    Thursday, August 09, 2007
    ikutkan hati aku, nak ajer aku bunuh kau.

    tak tahu kenal untung.

    tak sedar diri.

    on another note, i fucking hate animal abusers.

    and i cant fucking wait to move out.

    @ 11:41 PM

    Wednesday, August 08, 2007
    Ok so i just helped mummy goreng the fishes. I smell of oil now. Oily oily ikan goreng. Eeu!

    Got the whole day off from work today. And I took the initiative of not answering office calls just for today. How considerate. :)

    Before preparing for Victoria Theatre, let me upload some vavavoom frames.

    Sigh....yes yes i know.

    We're hot. Like totally smoking hot.

    @ 12:18 PM

    Ahem ahem.

    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    Catch me again like you never did before (except for some Broadricians) this evening. Tonight. 1930hrs. Victoria Theatre shall be my playground for today. My name for today shall be Anggerik. So watch me while i do my thang.

    So, last week i told the bf i was deprived. Of having pure fun which obviously excludes gambling, clubbing and karaoke-ing. Those norm things are just getting on my nerves especially when it comes to bad music. But that's another story already lah. And so the bf brought me to Sungai Buloh! Yayyyyy! We bird-watched. We enjoyed molesting each other in the reserve bkoz there weren't many visitors. We saw many many kodomo (yea yea it's actually komodo so excuse me being cute here)dragons. And we fed the fish while enjoying our ice-cream and root beers. There weren't many birds to watch but the nature reserve always makes me go wowwww. And we practiced our too-wooow too-wooow there. Trying so hard to attract some birds but of course we failed hard too. We laughed to the thought of stranding Aypah at the reserve with all the wonderful birds pecking her. Hahahaha. Pendek story, gua love bf gua.

    And wats up with all those "dancers" who yayapapaya trying so hard to show their thang at velvet dragon? Nyampah. Back to earth lah yooohooooooooo.

    And i really need (and obviously want more) of that beach holiday.

    But life is being such a bitch.

    So, au revoir.

    @ 12:55 AM