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    Thursday, January 25, 2007

    eh wait.
    before i sleep...i would like to say...i miss my girliessssss!!!
    can't wait for another soccer-watching this weekend...'live' some more!
    with the bff and bf ok. dats hot.

    and yaya is getting engaged this weekend! yayyyy! alhamdulillah...settle down jugak kau eh. bagus bagus. love u gf.

    and i also miss this bacin girl here. ok i know i look very the buruk but i love being kissed by her. but of course, no one beats Farid ok. :)

    dats hot lor.

    and this is my cat prince shining quiksilver. this is my oasis. this is my serenity.

    pardon my corny-ness but he's always there to catch me when i fall.

    but i didnt get to catch him when he fell into the drain at johor 3 months ago. and his leg bleeded quite badly ok. kesian bf aku.

    love love.

    @ 12:45 AM

    im beginning to be sick from playing too much puzzle bobble at work. i wonder whats happening now. sometimes i asked myself if i was being non-chalant or complacent about my job qualities. and then i would look around my desk, office, files, trying to recall if i've missed out anything. i would look through the files to see any post-it notes i might have overlooked. but then, there's really nothing left to do. and then i would go to t5 to help the other lady. who by the way apparently hasnt updated her billing and overtime records since September 2006. im trying very hard here not to be judgemental bkoz that is one of my new year's resolution. haha. but seriously, one thing i cannot tolerate is slowness. wei i admit i could be such a sotong at times....ok ok maybe a lil bit more than at times but that is different from efficiency. ahhh yes the right word. i cannot tahan people who has little efficiency lahhhhhh. tahu buat kerja. tapi lembab. dah tahu lembab, tak ada initiative nak stay back. dulu aku slalu stay back ok. lagi2 bila aku jaga T1 sampai T6 sorang2. boleh jadi giler. tapi gerek. i wont complain. i would just make my 10 mins walk to aft5 and update whatever i could. i wont complain bkoz i dont think i could. i rather not. i would rather stay away from these office politics. very the unhealthy lah.

    kerja kat male environment pun blambak politics oi. dah macam girl2. very the kepo. bilang dorang kalau nak kepo, pi duduk pat kaypoh road ah ok.

    anyways, i've started to update and revamp my resume. just in case lah.

    as much as i love elyo...i would also love to hate elyo. bkoz from what i see, there aint many career advancements for me. and i dun wanna be the puzzle bobble champion for life. i need to break away. make some changes. take on a further flight. and then go for the kill. i might have a 2yr plan set out. but its just a plan. and i wish not to go further bkoz it might be a jinx. :)


    so much for elyaelyo.

    im sure gonna miss elya@elyosea.com.sg soon.

    @ 12:06 AM

    Tuesday, January 23, 2007
    nowadays, i thank God bkoz i could see those beautiful happenings on his face bit by bit as the days passed by. and its crazy bkoz i would love to live by just that. no need the oxygen. no need the water. no need the solid foods. just him i need to pull me through whatever hurdles come what may. yea its dat crazy. but no i aint psychotic. am just in love. like totally, really!

    and his nieces and nephews pun! pandai draw rocket, pandai buat magic and they are soooo painfully cute i tell u they can get away with the biggest crimes CSI had ever investigated. and i simply adore them. and i would be more than glad to see these little tikes grow up. and then they'll remember me as the aunty china masuk islam. hahaha. and i soooo love his sisters and aunties i swear i could hang out at kedai kopi with them.

    i am proud of him bkoz he stayed strong like he's supposed to yesterday.
    i am proud to be with him and a part of the beautiful family, inside and out.

    love love.

    @ 7:21 PM

    Sunday, January 21, 2007
    love's mummy is coming home tmrw. annual leave? checked and taken.

    the weekend = bf, battle box, we were in that very room where the british decided to surrender to the jepuns, travelled back in time, starbucks, non-stop spankings, *smack*, to woow to woow!, goalllll!, liverpool won, "chut" scored his penalty goal in the advertisements, seafood platter at 70mins, spaghetti after 40mins, rose wine, heinekens, coke, i almost lost it when i found rum in my supposedly VIRGIN pina colada, ugly chicken puff, chipolate chicken roll, bf teaching basic theory and ended the day with tabboo at ecp.

    and i miss my maple story. i want to play it nowwwwwwwwww!

    and im not looking forward to June. bkoz dats when the govt decides to steal him away. baby, grow old faster can? so no need to go for anymore reservist. boo hoo.

    eh im so damn tired lah.

    but still manage to organize, upload and convert some handfuls of frames from bmp to jpeg format.

    so u wanna know how blissful my life has been? especially since 300806?
    view my sweet frames here.

    i'll be praying for her strength. for her aura. for her everything to be fine since she's coming home alone. insyaAllah.

    @ 6:08 PM

    Friday, January 19, 2007
    ever since yesterday, ever since my empty promise to blogger to upload muse's vids for all of u to see and loathe me further, i just couldn't help it!

    last night i was playing maple story.

    and today. i just couldn't be bothered especially after tuitioning my nephew's maths. i tell u. i felt like going in for the kill lah. but his aunty has loads of patience. u wait one day i explode all of u die. eh. broken betul.

    anyways, life is definitely sweet.

    bkoz my division head just gave me an original pierre cardin classic metal pen. with casing some more!
    and i didn't realize i am actually a part of Elyo's union members until recently. despite the fact that im only under contract. the only contract staff who is currently a member of the union actually. :) :) :) eksen eh!

    and i'm in the organizing committee for Elyo's d&d this yr. heng ah this year got committee. eh really lah. organizing an event alone (or maybe ur boss helps u a little here n there) for sooo many people could just drive you crazy. must ask for quotations like hell. must source here n there. but all in the name of job. all in the name of secretary. i love i love i love.

    but i aint gonna stay this position forever lor.

    bkoz this past few days i actually had the time to play puzzle bobble at my freaking desktop. yes it was that scary to know that i currently have nada work. zero. nil. kosong. and it's no fun bkoz there wasnt anything to do.

    and i pity my bf manja. everyday he has to go on sites. makin cheleng bf aku.

    takpe takpe. cheleng no cheleng. i still love him all the same.

    yes. whatever lah idiots. call me love sick. pathetic or whatever ok. im just really really really praying for this.......ok stop bkoz i wouldnt wanna jinx it.

    enuff of jinxes already.


    here it is again.

    another random entry.

    n dont you think nanotechnology is just beautiful? what about cloning? or automated parking system?

    would you like to be nano-ed?

    and people please! RESERVE! bkoz extinction is forever.

    and i regretted throwing tantrums when i got home just now.

    bkoz i saw a used knife still lying on the kitchen table. nephew taking time to eat his dinner so he'll have lesser study time with me. n i found a stack of my archies sprawling on the floor. WTF?

    don't scold me can. im a proud virgo. a proud perfectionist. i like to do things all the way till it gets finished. and i cant stand sights like mentioned above. i threw the knife into the sink. screamed at my nephew for being complacent bkoz he's siting for his damned PSLE this year. chucked back my archies where it initially belongs to. n concurrently i was yakketting dunno what shit ah. yes i know it's still too early to stress that kid. but risk is one factor i would love to burn. i am a risk taker....hmmm...quite ah. but i wont risk for this kid. he's studying algebra already lah! nasib baik aku pandai buat maths.


    amidst all these little hurricanes, i don't know how he did that but he suddenly appeared like that. n thinking of him actually soothes me...he is like my mint chocolate. like my 7up in chocolate milk. like my ayam lemak chilli padi. so sweet. so sedap. so menyamankan. and at times, so hawt!

    and im proud of him for being who he is today. sure, people say the past experiences always mould an individual. but im proud of myself also for anchoring his heart. for being such a hotness he couldn't resist. and im proud of him on how he tries to relate things i dun understand to me. im proud of him being himself wholly silly romantically with me.

    and after a long time....i think my parents are proud of me.

    ok lah. besok kita punya new year. slamat tahun baru kepada semua muslimin dan muslimat.

    kepada yang non-chalant tentang tahun baru kita, korang boleh jadi musibat.

    omg dat is soo not funny lor. ok im sorry. im sorry i actually mean it.

    @ 12:39 AM

    Wednesday, January 17, 2007
    i can't wait to get home to blog.
    so here i am now in my office still feeling damn lethargic from last night's madness.


    for $50 only. yes i love to gloat. gloat gloat gloat like a goat. waaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha!

    patience my friend, is indeed the greatest virtue.

    nevertheless, i would like to thank my best friend, dian farhana for psychoing me to go. despite the fact that ive used two grand from my savings already. but she paid $110 though. waaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha. n thank you to my close friends whom i still hold dearly close to moi heart for being starkarats - and that saved moi savings further! and thank you mr lifetime who encouraged me to go and paid for my tickets! weeehaaaaaaaaaa.

    so pls wait patiently for the videos. those who cried last night bkoz you wish you were there. those who almost hang themselves because they missed watching that sexy Matt on stage LIVE. those videos are for you. so, loathe me.

    shall update further when i got home later. the stack of invoices to be settled on my table now are about to kill me. then i have to do the pening financial reconciliation. but anyhows, im loving my job.

    love love!

    @ 11:54 AM

    Monday, January 08, 2007

    I dedicate this gerek song to my lifetime of course.

    @ 9:59 PM

    Saturday, January 06, 2007
    i don't know how to start this entry. perhaps i do know. but where do i start? should i start with the fact on how much i love to see him smile. how much i adore his giggles. and the way the skin around his eyes area cringe so hard when he's having a big laugh. last night i saw all that on him.

    but those beautiful things ended abruptly when he heard the news today.

    the news that tore him apart into pieces.
    the news that hurt him so much it's close to suicidal.
    and hearing his quivering voice on the phone just now made my brains dead for awhile.
    i went out makeup-less. it was just a grab and go moment for me. i couldn't think properly for all i know is he needs my presence. i forgot to wear the proper attire for a solemn gathering. yes ok i was stupid. so i had to borrow bibik's tudung just now. i donated a few of surah yassin for his daddy. but i think that ain't enough. i think i'll just pray some more after this.

    i felt totally useless seeing tearful eyes just now.
    i felt helpless seeing others' grievances.

    his daddy passed away at Mekah today. God definitely loves him so much more alhamdullilah insyaAllah.

    and i know it will be a long time from now till i see those beautiful happenings on his face like last night again. don't weep honey, for your loss. try to smile with the fact that your dad is now in the most beautiful place filled with purity and i'm sure he's happier there insyaAllah. because your daddy deserves to be in that place. a place that couldn't be compared to the 7 wonders of the world. only He knows.....

    i will be the pillars for you to hold onto now during your weakest moments.

    i love you, Farid.

    Haji Salihoddin Bin Ahmad Rubai, semoga rohmu dicucuri rahmat insyaAllah...

    @ 11:35 PM

    Thursday, January 04, 2007
    Ok, so i am in fact the last one to update after 2006 besides my sayang. that makes him in the 2nd place. eh wait. but he has always been in the first place all along. heh.

    Stepping into 2007 with my darlings, my sayang and my darlings' sayangs couldn't have been better. First, it was the dinner at Ben's place and the mash potato pun. sedap nyah! untung cik linda kita tu. tak lama lagi dah jadi mrs ben. heeee sronok! and then off to east coast to meet the bff and partners in crime. yea yea. who needs a club with loud music to party the NYE away with a bang? just give us a deck of pokers, ferrero rochers, 2 mats, a comforter (stolen by ms dian) and of course the booze to go along with. and we'll be more than a happy bunch. and to watch the boys pee at the same time in a straight line is just very........cute lar. and now they're so addicted to gambling i tell you they have the potential of being the casino regulars. if casino allows 10cent to start with ar. heheheehe.

    And ahtam is too busy to entertain me lately. bluewk. only get to see him when i decided to go around that area. like duhh. that area is his second home already. but i miss eating nasi goreng sambal belachan at bencoolen with him. and then he will start sweating like a piggy. so funny.

    And today. no wonder it rained. bkoz of that sad news. it is too sad bkoz very geram. very geram bkoz the location is very far and it makes my baby n i feel helpless, restless and agitated always wondering about his condition, what's going to happen next and so on...i'll keep ur heart in mine and i promise to seal it tightly. so no bad air could enter. so no termites could hurt it. so no other matters of life could annihilate it. whatever happens, you know i'll be there. i'll pray for ur daddy's health sayang. for now, try to be strong like you always are. He will look after ur daddy i know since the location is already at His house. Thus, insyaAllah ur daddy will do just fine and he'll be back home in 2-3 weeks time. I feel the uneasiness in you dear but i really wish i could do more than just comforting you.

    I love you, Md. Farid.....

    @ 11:36 PM