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    Saturday, December 09, 2006

    and so, i have a new toy for a new year! yayy! thank you starhub for the voucher. now i can just cam whore anywhere and any style i want to. and the mmc that comes with it is huge lar. and i love it. n bf loves it. n bff love it bkoz of the video call from bf last night n bff get to see him being so blardy shy that they get to laugh at him. the power of 3G is sooo......yummm.....

    and i got more than a C for financial management. anyone whos finances need to be managed?
    pls call 1800-imbroke and an operator will assist you shortly.

    and today is the zoukout day. i still havent decided what to wear. shall i go for a quick shopping spree later to use up my isetan vouchers? or shall i just make do with whatever i have and try that new recipe instead? fyi, today my mum cooked chilli crab! tralalalalala....nak sikit?

    and i just found out that my new toy has a powderful bluetooth integrated thingy that i could play my tracks wirelessly to a stereo system. dats hot.

    and i still dunno what to get for my bf's 20+ birthday pwessie. hahahaha. 20+ huh. dat actually made him somehow looked "young" on cyber. ok ok. im so gonna get it from him later for bitching about him. bring it on lar....tua! :)

    tua tua pun, i still sayang wattttttt...

    n im ecstatic about the kl genting trip next week! with the girlies and the bf. super complete lor. and alas, after so many donkey years, i will get to ride the choo choo train to kl. eeeeeeeeee!!! n yes. not to forget to bring the cards along. but unfortunately, epichah couldnt make it lor. n aydah said if he gets to follow, he confirm blanje alot of stuffs (read: booze n yada yada) n it's only his bonus! blanje orang macam menang lottery gitu! baik hati epichah eh. but too bad lah hor. n dats not hot.

    and after all those fun n kakaka-ing, i will be facing with my last 2 papers too dead too soon. bleargh. maybe i should bring some notes to kl. pffttt.

    ok now i want to hunt for some killer tracks n music clips.

    then off to hunt the chilli crab in the kitchen.

    sape2 yang ke zouk out, happy zouk outing!

    @ 2:51 PM