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    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    Girlie Love + Bf Love = Complete

    There! The past 3 weeks have been crazy. But i love!

    Sentosa, karaoke and then the next week was karaoke again with the bf's best friend and her sister and then yesterday's breaking fast at Sakura Buffet which was yummy smackinglicious lar! And then to Samar for sheesha with bf and his friends. Talk cock sing song. And did you know there was a midnight sale at Suntec last night? Like totally! Stupid me went to topshop first instead of polo. In the end,i just got myself a couple of undies. And bf got himself a super hot white shirt. And bf also got me a couple of hot 60s dresses! And a pair of hot mak datin mak datin earrings. I like and i love!

    And my thanks to my super nice bosses who treated me to seafood twice in 2 weeks. Once was somewhere around Changi. And the other was at Masai. Which made me mad. Bkoz traffic jam was a killer that night. Nasib baik boss aku former F1 driver. Asal boleh selit ajer. And then met the bf for coffee at some coffee shop in singapore. and then we chilled at yishun dam till 5am kan dear? (roll eyes)

    And i suka his friends. Sungguh chill. Sungguh tidak pretentious. Sungguh gerek. Sungguh down to earth. Sungguh independent. Eh. Saya pernah cakap kan saya tak suka orang pretentious? Tak eh? Ke lupa? Ok anyways, saya akan nyatakan sekali lagi. AKU TAK SUKA ORANG ANGKAT BUAH! AKU TAK SUKA ORANG PEMALAS! AKU TAK SUKA ORANG ACT CUTE AND GETS AWAY WITH EVERYTHING! AKU TAK SUKA ORANG YANG BUKAN MACAM ORANG LAH BERUK! AKU TAK SUKA ORANG YANG TAK ADA PENDIRIAN! AKU TAK SUKA ORANG YANG STEP TAHU MENGETAHUI! SEMUA NAK DITUNJUK AJAR. SEMUA NAK DITEGUR. HEYYY! KAU DAH BESAR OK? SO IT IS TIME FOR U TO FUCKING GROW UP ALREADY! BITCHHHH!

    buat dosa ajer bulan posa ni.

    and saya dah start buat kuih tau! so far stakat choc cornflakes and tepung kacang ajer....masih banyak lagi nih nak buat. sapa nak tolong, email saya ok?

    ok ok.

    i shall stop here. i want to concentrate my msn with the bf. bkoz u have to. bkoz u have to treasure every moment and every seconds of it. bkoz u cannot take the little things for granted.

    @ 11:39 PM