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    Sunday, August 20, 2006

    Ahhh...new blog. new "life" for me. like totally.
    let's start with three cheers for my gfs sayang!
    and ten cheers for the single me!

    wow. for the first time, i am actually single!
    and i'm loving it.
    loving it bkoz it is the first time i'm letting that bastard go the right way.
    no distractions attached.
    but now, he has to be the one distracted by some zaman pager minah who left him voice messages to say hi. bodoh sangat agaknyer. kan can sms?

    karaoke session last night rock my idol world. we were our own idols ystrday and couldn't care less how we sound like.

    and me letting him go finally in the CORRECT manner gives me the advantages. i don't know but i think good karma is on my side. one of my gf saw him somewhere last night with his friends and a couple of minahs with them. my God. it's been awhile since he got some and i think he's desperate for some now. i could imagine him getting drunk whispering stoopid nothings to some dumb whores on the dancefloor. but then again, his beauty will be a chore to be appreciated and so he might be rewarded with a tight slap. or better, a hard kick in the groin.

    looking at what i had just typed, i don't know if im being the bitter ex-gf. but then again. so what? i believe all of us go through this stage after a bad sudden split. when we yak and yak on him being a loser, how we wish he would be hit by a truck and yada yada. and then when we come to, we realize that wishing him bad luck is not everything that is. we should instead wish him well for his future endeavours and all the glitters and diamonds in the world for him.

    but for now, all i can say is...

    three fuck cheers for him and hope his dick rots and he's too busy to notice and by the time he needs a wank, he realizes his little brother is nothing but a slap stick of stinking meat.

    i'll be nicer later. i promish.

    @ 3:50 PM