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    Sunday, April 06, 2008

    fuck you. fuck you. fuck you. thank you.

    @ 10:37 PM

    Sunday, January 20, 2008
    eh i'm back. i'm back to share with you what i'll be missing this year.

    Abang Brandon Sedap

    Abang Adam Sexy


    Keep a safe distance from me. I'm fighting with my own demons. And listening to symphony x is not helping.

    I need my best remedy. Go figure.

    @ 11:55 PM

    hi there. i've missed you. i'm sorry i've been multiplying so much. i know u might think im crazy apologizing to dot com, but hey, i saved a beetle from drowning in NSRCC pool few days ago.

    i think i'll still keep you. you hold too many memories for me.

    or at least, i'll keep the entries you once posted for me.

    bonne nuit!

    @ 11:38 PM

    Thursday, December 20, 2007
    i admit. i am very much of an extrovert person. but i am also an introvert in an introvertly manner.

    i enjoy watching ppl spreading the latest news just landed on their ears to me. i amuse myself by sometimes pretending not to know or have the slightest idea on what they are talking about. i just love to have the last laugh. and yes, most of the time, those latest news they are telling me about, are way overdue. and then they will make that little gasp sound and ask me how could i be so ignorant? or how could i not know? or not noticed? in better moods, i end the conversation with an entah (with a very blur face) or just shrug it off. in worse moods, i tend to say things like why should i know?

    life has been pretty o-k-a-y for me. im feeling excited. like as if im gonna land my hands on another coupe beamer. like as if im going rollercoastering at dunia fantasi tonite. like as if im going to catch the lotr trilogy. i cant figure out why.

    strangely, i cant wait to get to office tmrw.

    mengapa ye?

    ohhh!!!! ok ok...can't wait for next monday ler....nanti akak dapat toy baruuuuu!

    just what busy secretaries aka personal assistant aka admin officers need...


    @ 9:38 PM

    Sunday, November 11, 2007
    so, we had chilli crabs at newton for two consecutive saturdays. last night, must thank aypah for belanja-ing us. but of course, it's either dinner on her or she has to wax and mandi swifty in and out. her choice. so she chose to fill us up hoping we shut up about the other night (the 3 saturday night ago). muahahahahahaaa...

    congrats to my "other relative" in multiply who happens to be my best friend's sister. ouh boy now she's married liaow. so i wish both of you much much happiness!

    im wondering what's mum cooking...macam ada bau sambal ajer (heaven!)....

    and my alang's beautiful cat, Dewi dah meninggal dunia. kesian Dewi. cause of death? unknown kot? ntah lah...then just now my sister practically called up the whole family asking for cangkul and at the same time announcing the death of the cat. kesian right. by now, i think Dewi has been buried liaow.

    daddy and nephew are watching smokin aces. and my nephew being an "innocent" boy he is, he's always giving out comments like aiyoh have the eff word. then i almost switched it off but then i thought, ok ok might as well give him an education on the gangster life and how they commute with each other. yah yah im the coolest aunty i know.

    and last night, we found douglas o at le baroque. and he rawks. and im planning to book the cosy 2nd floor for my bday next year. too early to plan lah but then again maybe not. i'd rather have it in a chalet or some private house. and then i could ask ahtam take off on that day could spin some trippy tracks for me. and then it'll be just our own private party. then i'll fill up the jacuzzi and my guests are welcome to berendam there with their jeans or dresses. yelah tu...

    eh my mum's cooking nasi lemak lah!!! sapa nak? meh datang tamp st 21.

    milo godzilla nak datang rumah?

    @ 12:52 PM

    Monday, October 29, 2007

    She's my best friend. She's my sidekick in double matches. In the realm of PSP.


    P.S: The previous entry was jotted down during a state of messy mind.

    P.P.S: I'm loving my new CK belt. Anything with chains are a major turn on for me.

    I miss my ahbwee.

    @ 11:22 PM

    Thursday, October 25, 2007
    i don't see it anymore.

    i think it's starting to get dusty.

    i think i think too much.

    i don't think those words apply much to me.

    somethings obstructing my view. gotta stop before too late.

    wake ur idea up. before the memories flaked away.

    i read too much lines in-between.

    i'd deciphered too many things, foolishly.

    i need to go.

    maybe for awhile. maybe for long. maybe forever.

    but i need to go. alone.

    think i'm effing crazy?

    elya never gives a hoot on what others think.

    so you're effing wasting your time figuring me out.

    no one could interpret me.

    bye lah.

    @ 11:42 PM

    Saturday, October 20, 2007


    Yipes! Can't wait can't wait to wet my eyes, my cheeks, my nose, my whatever.

    Oh December, cepat lah meh datang...

    @ 12:03 AM

    Thursday, October 11, 2007
    the morning started out normally. only with a slight headache on the way to work which i thought will fade sooner or later. and then i saw floating black spots on my computer screens and everywhere. the world was spinning 360degrees at 10000km/h. for a perfect vision girl, the sights really scared me yesterday. then i went to puay ki's cubicle and looked out at the window. thought that some greenery sceneries might help but noooooooooooooooo. it only got worse.

    so sad bkoz i couldn't fast the last 3 days of Ramadhan since i started puking liquids at work yesterday. stayed in the toilet's cubicle for 15 mins until i could breathe normally again. i brought a mentos in my pocket and popped in my mouth. that was the only energy provider for me to drag myself slowly to the locker room where i lay down waiting for my ahbwee to come and rescue me.

    doctor said i just got hypertension. and i was like wtf? i am lesser stressful at work nowadays as compared to 3 months ago. so i slept soundly last night looking forward to go to work. and then i saw the floating spots again in my shower room. seram babe. macam hantu. the world started to spin again lerr....irritating!!!

    but im starting to feel better now. only that the world decides to spin on me occassionally. so i decided to bake choc chip walnut cookies today. kakak ipar saya order dari saya lerrr....and also nak donate some to the tunang. heeeeheeeee...mother dah ask "kau tak buatkan tunang kau kuih?" then told her the double choc chunk cookies are his favourites. then mom said "si cookie hitam tu? hmmm....macam orang dia jugak". hahahaha. but my ahbwee is not hitam ok. P.U.B made him hitam. otherwise, our child will be born as casper!

    i know i don't make much sense today.

    just hopefully i'll be well by hari raya. then can pakai baju tunang with the hot corset.

    most importantly, besok nak pi geylang beli lekor and burger ramly last kopek. nanti rindu.

    kepada kawan2 saya, kenalan2 saya di internet, bloggers2 yang mengenali diri saya, saya ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya aidilfitri! kalau murah hati, tanya account number saya jadi boleh memberi sikit kepada saya yang memerlukan. hahaha. what rubbish. kalau entries saya ni ter-bitchy ke, buat awak menyampah ke, maaf lah eh tapi ni blog saya, oh well what can i say? maaf zahir dan batin kengkawans!

    @ 12:58 PM

    Saturday, September 29, 2007
    i never thought of myself as stupid but i just agreed with myself that i am indeed. i blardy know it's gonna hurt me but i just still keep on reading it over and over again. then i thought to myself, why last time can this time cannot? why last time like that this time like this? why last time's easier this time's harder?

    god damn it. i do deserve things like last time also you know. but i just cant bring it up like that bkoz it will be stupid. it will be foolish. and funnily selfish. ultimately, unrealistic. i might just drop dead if i were to bring it up. bkoz everythings different.

    i sometimes regret being me right now. like my current self. i have chosen to stop instilling challenges to my partner eversince i found him at rouge. i have chosen to stop being a bitch. i have decided to spare a heart. i decided that retaliating is not a way to solve problems. even when sometimes just sometimes i am right. i'll just bite my tongue and stay quiet. i have stopped lashing out at people especially to my partner. lucky him, he has never experienced that side of me before. and i reckon he never will. bkoz im such a patient girl like that. i have decided to be boring to make things easier. my my, was i ever that accomodating? point is, being a 100% good girl doesn't pay up. rihanna is the good girl gone bad. i am the bad girl gone good. feels so boring and it's not that accomplishing. the chase just stopped. i seriously do not like that.

    shiqin just mohawked with sweet blonde streaks. i love i love i love. my toni and guy hairstylist decides to bribe me so i could model outrageous hairstyles for him again. and the current elya turned him down. pfft.

    i feel so boring.

    salary is out. last time first stop would be paragon. then to the nail shop and hunt for good music at hmv and then good reads at borders. this time it will be saving up for hari raya and give kids green packets. not only that, need to also save up for my future with him.

    and the question would be, a mohawk or curls ala sara ramirez in greys anatomy? i think it shall be the mohawk. just to spice some stale things up.

    @ 12:43 PM